Step inside the Modulab with our 360° Virtual Tour and discover the analytical capacity and advantages of this mobile laboratory!
7 December 2023

Take a peek inside the Modulab 360° virtual tour


Meet the Modulab: an innovative decision-aid system working on site and in real time

•Mobile and robust, it can easily be transported on site

•Modular: the analytical equipment can be combined or used independently

•Rapid analysis: the results can be obtained in <30 minutes

•Analytical protocol equivalent to that of a laboratory

•Complementarity of sensors capable of tracing several key parameters

•An ’action/reaction’ approach that enables: Decisions to be taken on site; Extra samples to be analysed, thus increasing the robustness of results; Immediate reorientation of the study depending on the results 

The 360° virtual tour was designed and built in the framework of the SOLSA Challenge by sandwich-course marketing students at BRGM Jeremy Mompelat and Jade Din. 

Note that the current version of the 360° virtual tour is a V1, using in-house means (360° camera, Matterport software).

An improved V2 is planned for 2024