The Sonic On-Line Sampling & Analysis (in short SOLSA) Expert System is the unique combination of sonic drilling and automated mobile, in-field, on-line and real-time raw material analyses in an integrated continuous work-and dataflow. 

The SOLSA Expert System


The SOLSA Expert System will improve the effectiveness of your exploration campaigns by reducing exploration time and cost through rapid decision making based on high quality sampling, data acquisition and interpretation in real time

The SOLSA Expert System will fast-track the morphological, geochemical and mineralogical characterization of mineral raw materials throughout the entire value chain (exploration, extraction, transformation/processing, recycling/upgrading, storage). The breakthrough concept is based on a combination of analyses acquired by various modular sensors, making it possible to collect -in real time and directly on site- large quantities of data (morphological, mineralogical, chemical), including the automated processing in a unified data repository using decision-making software.The SOLSA Expert System comprises three key modules:

  1. Fast drilling of complete, coherent and undisturbed cores with minimal environmental impact is ensured by the SOLSA SONIC DRILL module.
  2. In-field and high speed  chemical and mineralogical material measurements can be performed directly on samples (uncut or cut drill cores, loose material, powders) by the SOLSA IDENTIFICATION mobile robotic laboratory module, i.e. the MODULAB.
  3. An integrated continuous workflow is facilitated by the multi-interface SOLSA DATABASE & SOFTWARE module containing all generated data and enabling fast strategic exploration and exploitation decisions to be made based on fused and interpreted data, available through intuitive custom interfaces.

Initially developed, tested and validated to operate in the mining and quarrying domain, the modularity of this concept makes it totally adaptable to any form of processing and sorting of materials, production monitoring, quality control or even simply to better understand a process. The SOLSA concept will expand the solutions portfolio to increase Europe’s independence in terms of strategic materials whilst improving mineral raw material management and traceability.