Designed and built as a solid and robust machine to operate on-site, the SOLSA MODULAB is composed of:
1. a multi-sensor core scanner for continuous analyses
2. a benchtop analyser for discrete analyses
... enabling morphological, chemical and mineralogical analyses, on-site and in real-time.
The equipment is mounted in a mobile robotic field laboratory designed to travel either with the drill rig, or independently to the exploration site.

The MODULAB brings 3 major strengths to answer your needs


MODULAB 3 strengths


  • Autonomous instruments deployable in remote locations as well as in a factory or laboratory
  • Average time between acquisition and visualization of results < 30 min (varies according to the number and type of sensors)
  • Addition of high-tech sensors on demand
  • Connection and automated calibration of sensors
  • Specialized mineralogical databases
  • Decision-making software using innovative digital approaches (AI)
  • Data accessible via a cloud
  • Data compatible & interoperable with user data



Core scanner


SOLSA multi-sensor core scanner for continuous analyses 

On-line, on-site and real-time core scanner for mineral, geochemical
and morphological characterization

The SOLSA core scanner combines for the first time non-destructive and fast profilometric, RGB, X-ray fluorescence and hyperspectral measurements to provide detailed morphological, geochemical and mineralogical information on uncut drill cores, lose or chip materials. Real-time data integration (data fusion) aquired from different sources into a unique metric referential forming a mega-file with a 30-μm highresolution delivers structured, reliable and ready-to-process data.

Automated processing and visualization of integrated data with a decision-making software based on pre-defined key geological features allow to identify the Regions Of Interest (ROIs) and to provide geologists real-time access to geological data.


Benchtop analyser for combined XRD-XRF-Raman discrete analyses


SOLSA Benchtop Analyser for discrete analyses 

On-site benchtop analyser for global chemical & mineralogical quantification

Fast data flow is achieved with two separated instruments sharing the same sample holder system and working in coordination and synergy: the Discrete Combined Analytical X-ray (DCAX) and Discrete Combined Analytical Raman (DCAR). The first is a combined XRD-XRF instrument for simultaneous acquisition and the second is a special Raman spectrometer.

The SOLSA benchtop analyser can be :

  1. coupled with the SOLSA core scanner and used to investigate in-depth the Regions Of Interest (ROIs);
  2. deployed independently on-site for chemical and mineralogical characterization using combined XRF-XRD analyses. 

In the first case, representative samples are extracted for analysis by XRD-XRF-Raman based on the results of the phase and elemental map obtained from core scanning, thus giving a quantitative more accurate analysis of the mineralogical and chemical content.

The data workflow is automated allowing data acquisition, processing and visualization in real-time (20 min/sample) without compromising accuracy. Even complex phases like clay minerals can be quantified accurately.

Meet the Modulab and discover it's analytical capacities with our 360° Virtual Tour


Applications of the SOLSA Expert System


Application domains for the MODULAB throughout the entire raw materials life cycle