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H2020 SOLSA Teaser - an overview in less than a minute!

SOLSA Teaser (45 secs)


H2020 SOLSA film

SOLSA H2020 film (5min45')


The above two videos were filmed during the field tests of the European H2020 collaborative project SOLSA, from 15 to 30 September 2018 at the SODICAPEI’s bauxite mine (VICAT), located in Villeveyrac in southern France.

The project's goal was to produce an exploration prototype -the SOLSA Expert System- that combines drilling, using sonic technique, and mineralogical and chemical determination of core samples from the drill corer.

Acknowledgements: Thanks go to to the European Commission whose funding made this ambitious project possible, the Consortium’s partners who worked to ensure that these tests were carried out under the best possible conditions, the SODICAPEI’s management and team who gave access to their mining land and provided valuable administrative and logistical assistance, and the UNAPEI Association.

The film was produced by Altitude Production Company.


SOLSA project

01/02/2016 - 31/12/2020