As part of its participation in the RawMat2023 conference, the SOLSA consortium jointly authored a proceedings paper. It presents the results of quantitative assessment of the chemical and mineral composition of heavy minerals using the SOLSA combined XRF-XRD analytical solution.
24 November 2023

Based on the interesting case study of the Grande Cote Operation Ti-Zr mine in Senegal, the paper shows the added-value of using combined XRD-XRF for simultaneous mineralogical and chemical characterization in real time.

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Eramet Ideas present at the RawMat 2023 conference in Athens, Greece, 28 August – 02 September 2023

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Congratulations to the authors for their common effort to deliver the proceedings paper (link below): 

Herbelin, M.; Delchini, S.; Pillière, H.; Lutterotti, L.; Nicco, M.; Dia, M.; Le Guen, M.; Riegler, T. Fast and Cost-Effective Quantitative Assessment of the Chemical and Mineral Composition of Heavy Mineral Sands Ores: Application of the New SOLSA Combined XRF-XRD Analytical Solution to the Grande Cote Operation Ti-Zr Mine.  Materials Proceedings 15, no. 1: 41. 


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