The innovation prize is awarded to one or more of the BRGM Group employees who, during the previous year, have completed the development of an innovation (product, software, service, etc.) or a project that has achieved a remarkable result in partnership with industry.
23 January 2023

This year's prize was awarded to the SOLSA project, that has developed an expert system combining on-site and real-time analysis for the multi-scale morphological, chemical and mineralogical characterisation of mineral raw materials.

Combining high-tech expertise and application knowledge, the concept targets manufacturers in the fields of mining, industrial minerals, metallurgy, building materials and electronics. The purpose is to speed up the morphological, geochemical and mineralogical characterisation of mineral raw materials during their life cycles (exploration, extraction, transformation, recycling/re-use and storage) by acquiring large quantities of data in real time and directly on site. The use of decision-making software to process these data automatically is a real step forward for the industry.

This project, which originated from a European H2020 research project, has fully matured and culminated in the creation of a company named Inel-Innov to develop the concept created, and more specifically the MODULAB (mobile robotic field laboratory).

Prize winners: 

  • BRGM Project manager - Sylvain Delchini
  • External stakeholder: Henry Pillière (Inel Innov)
  • Project Coordinator: Eramet Ideas